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Spectacle Blind

Spectacle Blind

Our company is one of the foremost fabricators and suppliers of Spectacle Blinds in the market. A spectacle blind is a safety device used to isolate a section of line or piece of equipment when the line or equipment needs to be inspected or removed from service. It is different than a valve in that the blind is a permanent or long term isolation device.

Spectacle Blinds (also known as Figure 8) are generally applied to permanently separating pipesystems, or just to connect with each other. A Spectacle Blind is a steel plate cut into two discs of a certain thickness. The two discs are attached to each other by section of steel similar to the nose piece of a pair of glasses. One of the discs is a solid plate, and the other is a ring, whose inside diameter is equal to that of a flange. Spectacle Blinds can be applied in systems, which regularly need to be separated from other installations. Normally, a Spectacle Blind is mounted in the "open" position so that flow through the pipe is possible. If the Spectacle Blind in the "close" position is rotated, the pipe is blanked off and no flow is possible.we are on of the trustable Spectacle Blind and Figure 8 Suppliers in UAE.

Maintenance on a pipesystem can be a reason to rotate the spectacle in the "close" position. This run will take place through the hole, that is drilled in the connection piece. By loosening of all bolts, and partial removal of their, the Spectacle Blind can be rotated. After replacing the gaskets (new gaskets are to recommend), the bolts can be re-assembled and tightened.

The thickness of the spectacle blind is specified based on the line pressure and pipe size. The specification that determines the dimensions of a spectacle blinds is ASME B16.48 - Line Blanks. Our spectacle blinds come in pressure ratings of 150lbs, 300lbs, 600lbs, 900lbs, 1500lbs and 2500lb sand sizes ranging from 1/4" upto 64". Facing for these flanges come in flat faced, raised face and Ring-type-joints (RTJ).

Our spectacle blinds are available dimensionally in accordance with API 590 and ASTM 16.48 or customer requirements. adding to this, we also manufacture spade & spacers, bleed rings, paddle blanks & paddle spacers and orifice plates.

They are available in different grades of mild, carbon and stainless steel with NACE Sour Service as well.

Some of the most popular and approved brands of steel we fabricate these products from are as follows:

Dilinger Hutte, Germany
Corus, UK
Nippon Steel, Japan
Tata Steel, UK
Dan Steel, Denmark
Rukki, Finland
Columbus, South Africa
Aperam, Belgium
Outokumpu, Brazil

We are more than happy to assist you with your requirements so please contact us for any enquiries.

  • Flawless design
  • High quality material
  • Technical support
  • Leak proof nature
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Blasting & coating available if required